Workflows cover:

1) set-up tasks for correct RAW settings and white balance

2) image capture procedures, including image evaluation and file management.

These workflows provide recommended use of the Target-UV™ and will help establish general protocols for UV-visible fluorescence documentation.  The goal is to promote standardization within and across institutions. By following the workflows, disparate user groups can create objectively comparable images regardless of most camera and radiation variables. Throughout the development process, the benefits of interoperability and standardization were given precedence over inconsistencies of visual perception. For further discussion on this topic, see the FAQs.

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Target-UV™ is calibrated to work with the following filters:

PECA 918 (UV/IR cut)

Kodak Wratten 2e (UV Cut to 420 nm)

Internal camera filtration

These filters were chosen because of their specific spectral transmission, availability, and ease of use. For more discussion on the use of these filters, see the FAQs, and  The AIC Guide to Digital Photography and Conservation Documentation.


Target-UV™ works with most DSLR cameras in common use. Medium format systems may have difficulty with color rendering but are undergoing testing, please contact us for more information.

Radiation Sources

The Target-UV™ is designed to create consistent images with radiation sources that have major radiation peaks between 360-370nm. 

Supplier shortlist

UV Systems

Edmund Optics


Raytech Industries

Spectronic Corp

UVP, Inc.

BHK Inc.

Peca Products

B&H Photo Video

Wildfire Lighting & Visual Effects